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Shaykh Ubayd Destroys A Loaded Question About the Salafis

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AbuSaifAllah (02:44 Friday, January 06, 2012) Reply
MashaAllah, may Allah Swt preserve the shaikh, he hit the nail on the head, barakaAllahufeekum.

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Added: 03 January 2012

What do you say about those Salafees who stick to specific shaykhs and call other shaykhs Qutbees and Ikhwaanees? Answer by Shaykh 'Ubayd Al-Jaabiree, well-known scholar and retired professor from the Islaamic University of Al-Madeenah The shaykh was the head of the Fatwaa Committee's department for 'Islamic Verdicts and Research' in Madeenah for a period over 10 years. The Noble Shaykh is one of the eldest Scholars of al-Madeenah. Though he specializes in hadeeth, the Shaykh is well-versed in many aspects of the Religion, such as 'aqeedah, fiqh, usoolul-fiqh, manhaj etc. The Shaykh is blind of the basr (sight), yet he has great baseerah (insight). He teaches many subjects in al-Madeenah, and he has recently come out with a voluminous work from his classes on Saheehul-Bukhaaree.

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